A devotee age 28 year who is MBA by profession raised important question to the entire devotee.

Question as follows……

1. If God exist and he created the entire creature and all the living and non-living thing then all action are predefined by god then how to define your karma?

2. In this life whatever I want/desire/wish to do Can I do it?

Today I am writing this blog which is very true information for all the human beings those who are devotee and who are not devotee who believe in karma who believe in god who believe in himself who believe in other self.

I am dam sure everybody has above question in mind but we did not ask and find the right answer but we always admire or use to say that….

“Jo hona hai wo to ho ke he rehega ” ….

“It’s god wish” ….

“Samae se phale na kisi ko kuch mila hai na milega “…..

Great Answer by great Devotee …..

Dear Son as your question itself shows the answer and you have almost understood and conclude that the Almighty Authority the Creator of the world the Supreme Power name we say GOD has defined and decided all the action of human being there is no doubt in it.. But if we talk about the karma he never determine any karma to any body on its on accord it will be decided and defined as per JIVAN’S previous birth that is ” Sukrutha or Satkarma” or “Dus krutha or DusKarma “.

All the great people like Shri Ram Krishan Pra Hans , Swami Viveka nand , Sai Baba , Mathama Gandhi ect..they never disturb by their direction on the other hand they followed by the direction as instructed by inner sole.

The God is the only witness of all our Karma whatever we are doing in this life or past life that’s why we are used to say “Bhagwan sab dekh rha hai ” ..”God is seeing everything”. Only according to our past karmas we are getting good or bad thoughts in this life.

It’s little bit tough to understand the thoughts one side I am saying all action is predefined and other side I am saying God never determine our Karmas…..

See Action and Karmas are two different things as Shri Krishna says in Gita Karam you have you to do only accordingly action will done automatically.

Krishna tells Arjuna that even the Devas and highly evolved souls fail to understand how He projects Himself as the universe and all its manifestations. He goes on to describe the various qualities that beings manifest according to their Karmas. All these qualities—wisdom, truth, contentment, etc.—originate from Him.

The true devotees of the Lord are wholly absorbed in Him. They have completely surrendered to Him and through single-minded devotion they are granted the power of discrimination, the discrimination that leads them from the unreal to the Real. Krishna emphatically declares that ignorance is destroyed and knowledge gained through Divine Grace alone.

That is the words says in Bhagwat Gita if you devotee your self toward to the GOD then he will take care of all your problems. As Arjun itself choose the Lord Krishna among the thousands of Soldiers.

I know very well son that whatever I am telling you , you are not agreed to my points but as you asked the question …now I am asking you one question Why you ask this question ?

That is yes I know now your question is your answer itself ….

Whatever thoughts we are getting in our mind that is only he wants that you to know the things and that is defied by your previous birth… only those thought will come in your mind which is defined by your past karmas and your karma define how your life your life.

Only for thoughts whatever we are getting we have to identify which is Right and which is wrong as … we always differentiate like that it TV. That is Chair That is Sofa all that ….

Dronam cha bheeshmam cha jayadratham cha

Karnam tathaa’nyaanapi yodhaveeraan;

Mayaa hataamstwam jahi maa vyathishthaa

Yudhyaswa jetaasi rane sapatnaan.

That means all the plan is created by god but he is so graceful towards to his devotee … those who are follow their plan then he will take care of all the things.

Your whole life should be going forward with the knowing of GOD via your good teacher.

Now you will ask one question again “How I know the plan of God to me ?”

You can know the plan by your teacher only your guru only.

The only thing you have to do in this JIVAN whatever problem you face .. follow only GOD orders that will help you to successful in life.

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