Business Idea for any one who wants to compete the Online service.

Basically what we do is we create the awareness of your hot deals, new arrivals, products, etc. via our different tools in the end users.

Different Tools:
1. NEXzDEAL WEBSITE : It is the only portal of its kind which provides deals according to what particular product you want i.e. Mr. Sharma wants to plan his evening on Sunday to spend time with family for shopping and dinner. He will plan out in a way like he will first search for xyz product of abc brand which he wants to go for shopping and then he will search for special cuisine he wants to eat with his family, NEXzDEALwill provide best of the deals for that particular product nearby him which he searched for. If you also wants to plan your evening like this just log in to .

2. NEXzDEAL MOBILE APPLICATION : It is the user friendly application for the users which comes up with the immediate solution of the current circumstances i.e. Ravi came Jaipur for the very first time to pursue his btech, now he wants to get some apparels of particular brands he love like he is a LEVIS lover he will search for LEVIS JEANS, and he will get the best of deal of that particular brand in nearby store to him. He will get exact location of the store on the map and gets the way to find out the store.

3. TOLL FREE SUPPORT : This tool is for the users who are not aware of technology like internet, websites or applications that kind of user will access this toll free number for any kind of assistance regarding shopping. The speciality of this toll is that it can be used in two ways first one is a particular vendor can present this toll free number as the customer care number of his shop to his permanent customers, so that next time when they will come to shopping they can call on that number and ask for hot deals and new arrivals at that time when end user will call our customer care representative will act as a representative of that particular shop and will convey the information to end users, and another way is the person who is anonymously calls on this number gives his location and asking for the best deal on some particular product nearby to him.

4. SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNING : We promote your products, deals, arrivals, etc on 60 social media websites like facebook,twitter,flickr, pinterest,tumbler, instagram etc social messengers like whatsapp,hike,wechat and in this way we target the audience on social media also.

1. You will get a user id and password within 24 hours of registration and all you have to do is update your deals and products on the portal and it will be updated everywhere on the above mentioned tools within 24 hours.

2. You also get vendor area where you can update your gallery and your deals, and you can also promote your personal social links via NEXzDEAL, you can add your location on map, your info, etc.

3. We also provide combos for the particular fellows for their special days like birthdays, anniversaries, etc like one will purchase apparels and cakes on birthday and will throw parties on birthday, at that time we provide combos for that particular day like he/she can buy all this stuff at discounted rates from this particular vendors.

4. At the end of the year we will provide you insights of your social media campaigning, your reviews and ratings, your most searched products, etc

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Business Idea #4 Nexzdeal

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