WS Facebook Like Box Widget

How to use WS Facebook Like Box Widget

WS Facebook Like Box Widget provides easy and quick use in your blog. You can fully customize facebook like box in easy way.

Step 1: In WordPress theme go to Plugin and add new then search WS Facebook Like Box


Point 1: Search keyword

Point 2: Then type WS Facebook Like Box Widget, then you will see highlight plugin as in above image.


Step 2: Click on Install Now button. When you install it then

Step 3: In Left side you will see Appearance then click to Widget there you will see WS Facebook Like Box



Step 4: Drag and drop where you want to place it like footer. When you place it you will see screen like as


Point  1:  Save your Customize Title

Point2: Link of you Page Like: https//

Point 3: Set Height and width

Point 4: Save It


Step 5: Just save it and visit your WordPress Site



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