Job ! Job ! Job !….

ob that word describe “JUST OBEY BOSS”…May be nobody like this word but everybody need this word as a sentence and we feel proud “Yes! I have a JOB”. Today’s world as population is increasing everyone needs a JOB a Good JOB. There are so many people in the world who do not having the job but in the end they will get a job, here end word dose not means finish …That means in their life Job searching is end , now they have got Job that means end of searching job. Searching a Job is a very big task in anyone’s life. Those who are searching a job they always keep one sentence in their mind “Bas kisi bi trha khe be job lag jaye ” “Any how I need a job any anywhere …..”


In Every blog you will find the awareness about before joining anywhere you should keep the things in mind as ..

  • Who is the founder of your company….
  • Do they have sufficient funds or not….
  • Do they have team or not….
  • Company is well known brand in market or not …
  • Do founder have well knowledge of business or not ….
  • Is there any scope of growth or not….
  • What I will learn in this job…..

There are so many thing which you will find in every blog you should aware or keep this above thing in mind…

Now in this Information you will find new way of thinking about JOB and before joining the job what will be in your mind….

  1. I will Learn here

    Now you are thinking that I know I will learn here but wait…… and think again did we have that thought in our mind before joining in company , May be we are thinking that this is good company we got our salaries on time.

    Yes I will Learn here that means you are eagerly want to know about something, If you have that thought in your mind nobody can stop you to learn new things in life because whole life is learning process.

  2. Why I got selected here

    Sometimes we forgot that we are not selected because company need us , we only got selected because we need that JOB … that is not justify sentence “We get that job because we need it not because company need it”

    Try to understand that if do not need the Job that time we are giving the job…..Now if you need anything and you struggle for it that means you will get it .. but you should need it….

    Whatever you need in your life you will get it ….

  3. Believe in their Vision and Mission

    Now Before Joining company we do not know about their vision and mission but we should keep that thing in mind what is the vision and mission of your company because you are going to be a part of it either for one day or one year or life long …..

    For keeping this in mind your confidence will be very much high because you know that I am is the part of that big mission….

  4. What qualities you have that will help that brand name to grow

Always keep in mind that you have the good qualities and you are not going to burn it …
I will utilize that qualities in for companies growth.

If you keep in this mind that you will always polish your qualities and that will help you for
your improvement also.

  1. I am here and I will refer one more

    We know find a job is very difficult job and every company have so many positions as a vacant and always they try to hire more and more resource and every employee of company have at least one friend who do not have job and he can refer him in company but we are not referring any one to our company only two reason are there ..

  • Either we do not want him to grow
  • We thought we are struggling in company so why should he/she

See as I said above in the end He/She will get a job but in this life we can help someone to get
the opportunity. If we have something we should give form this.

If we keep this thing in mind form that our company will be happy and your friend will also happy
and HR of your company also happy … that will gives you happy environment and working in happy environments will gives you stability in company.

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